It’s nice to see you here.

Summer Lane was born from a true love of amazing coffee and a deep desire to connect with our community. We wanted to bring something a little different to our neighbors, something a bit more intimate. We wanted to make it low-effort. We wanted to deliver coffee to your door or see your friendly face around the market. We wanted you to smile in relief every time you opened your fridge to find yourself stocked with the goods. Perfect to beat the summer heat, for an afternoon pick-me-up or simply any time you need an old friend to lean on. Which, by the way, who doesn’t want a friend with some really, really great coffee?!

We are founded on the commitment to bring you the best: specialty grade coffee beans, the highest quality filtered water, packaging materials with your health & wellness in mind, and sustainable business practices. We pride ourselves on living a present and intentional life and giving back where we can. We brew our coffee with kindness and care and are incredibly humbled to be sharing it with you!

Lindsey Hall: Founder

Lindsey has enjoyed a long career in specialty coffee, including retail, education, production, development, and marketing. Not all coffee companies are created equal, and as a mother of two young girls, she feels a strong pull to create both a product and a brand that is built on authenticity, integrity, and perseverance.

You’ll find Lindsey reading, writing, baking, working outside, studying Norwegian, or scoping out cool vintage finds…usually with a coffee in hand!

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