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Summer Lane Coffee

Coffee Arts - 2 Hr Private/Group Class

Coffee Arts - 2 Hr Private/Group Class

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Now booking classes for 2024.

Evenings and Sundays available. Scheduling arrangements to be made after purchase.

Have you been looking to level up your at-home coffee practice? Are you intrigued by coffee and want to learn about it? Are you looking for another skill to add to your tool belt? Maybe just a fun alternative to a girls/guys/date night situation?!

If you haven't gathered already that this class is for you...I'll say it: this class is for you.

A blend of interactive lecture and hands-on demonstrations that will meet each student where they're at. No judgements, no prerequisites, no bad questions.

We'll cover some coffee crop/processing basics & fun facts, brewing equipment compare + contrast, grind size, brew ratios, water filtration–all the coffee nerd stuff. And then we'll make some beautiful coffee together!

I like to think of coffee as both a science and an art, and each master brewer falls somewhere on that spectrum. The beauty of it is that there is no right or wrong–coffee is an experience and a practice above all else.

Booking class sizes between 1-10 people. Price is per person. Class includes a take-home gift ($50 value) and all the coffee you can drink!

Feel free to ask for customizations! Want to learn only latte art? Let's do it!


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