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Summer Lane Coffee

Feverdream Syrup - 16oz

Feverdream Syrup - 16oz

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 rose, hibiscus, sweet cherries, mint, and cardamom in a simple syrup base 

spring/summer seasonal flavor.

suggested recipe: 1.5oz per 12oz of beverage

return your empty bottle for a $2 credit toward a refill!


The vibe: the feeling of a warm summer night when you're with the people who light your soul. the objective is to love freely and fully. to have. fun. to be care free. to be wild. to look back and think..."hold on. was that real life?"

The experience: floral sweetness forward with some tart complexities. just when you think you know what's up, think again. finishing strong with a minty glow on the back of the palate. a true delight intended to invigorate and inspire every coffee drinker.

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