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The Best Vanilla Bean Syrup

The Best Vanilla Bean Syrup

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16oz of made from scratch goodness! Use it for DIY lattes, baking…or honestly anything else you can think of.

This vanilla syrup is the perfect amount of sweet, without being “too much”. None of the added junk ingredients, but all of the good.

Raw Organic Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Madagascar Vanilla Beans

 Suggested recipe: 1.5oz per 12oz of beverage.

return your empty bottle for a $2 credit toward a refill!

Our thoughts on cane sugar:

Sugar has gotten a bad rap over the years as far as health + wellness goes. While it is true that like anything else, too much can be detrimental to your body, mindful consumption is actually not as harmful as we have been led to believe! (Assuming you do not have any health conditions that prohibit sugar intake).

Instead, one of the major problems in our country regarding sugar is that it’s a hidden ingredient in so many processed foods, even being listed under different names to try and disguise this. It’s important to not only read our food labels, but also to know what we are looking for.

Another issue that we have is other harmful ingredients, such as artificial food dyes, seed oils, and highly processed corn syrups. Cane sugar has taken the fall for these other ingredients in many ways, and there are a variety of studies out there to support this!

Lastly, any sweetener will cause “sugar cravings”. Some sweeteners like honey and agave have the same impact on blood glucose levels as cane sugar, and even though alternatives like monk fruit do not, they still cause the body to crave sugar, which can be difficult to combat depending on intensity.

In summary, sugar doesn’t have to be feared! Our bodies quite literally process it as energy. And while we could get on fine without ever having any, enjoying a responsible treat is what makes life just a little more fun, right?!

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